Taking health visionaries to their peak

What peaks our Interest

A healthier world means a better future for all, and that’s why we’re not afraid to take big risks and back entrepreneurs who think globally and make it happen. We’re not just about investing money. We’re about serving as a partner with a shared mission and goal – to make the world a healthier place, one body at a time.

Personalized Nutrition

No two bodies are exactly the same. That’s why we look to invest in personalized nutrition so everybody has the tools they need to be healthier.

Digital Health

Digital health helps us better understand our health in real time like never before and opens up a world of possibilities. We’re partnering with entrepreneurs who are making that happen.

Children’s Health

We believe that when you teach kids good habits early, the lifelong impact is clear. That’s why we partner with companies that are focused on children’s health, growth, and nutrition.

Together, we can move mountains.

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